Angela has a little bit of a frenemy union with Pam

Angela has a little bit of a frenemy union with Pam

Angela is commonly somewhat harsh towards other office workers, usually outright insulting all of them with no guilt on her behalf actions.

Michael Scott

Angela conveys hate to Michael. Whenever she believes that Dwight is trying to encourage the woman to go to lunch with Michael, Angela looks highly against it, plus in The Roast of Michael Scott, she breaks far from the girl difficult outside just to verbally assault Michael before returning to the girl routine cold attitude. It will be shocking if Angela didn’t believe some irritation to Michael, as she actually is uptight and responsible while Michael try fun and immature.

Dwight Schrute

Angela have a secret company relationship with Dwight for a long time, but broke up with your after Dwight euthanized one of the lady kittens, Sprinkles, without the lady permission. To get Dwight off the woman back, Angela started to big date Andy Bernard, but then understands this woman is creating a blunder and covertly reconciles with Dwight, all a long time cheating on Andy. Dwight was shortly heartbroken as he learns that Angela is actually sleep with Andy also, after which breaks up with the lady. However, both get together and acquire partnered for the final period.

Jim Halpert

Angela doesn’t cross routes with Jim extreme, but because Jim is Dwight’s archenemy, it could be inferred that Angela is not a tremendously large follower of your.

Pam Beesly

Angela talked to Pam before other people towards reasons Dwight left for brand new York into the Return, and confides in a lot of of the lady troubles in Pam before anybody else. But Angela often is venomous to Pam, especially in the age of the girl matrimony to Robert Lipton, in which she made snide remarks about Pam’s unformal actions and her partnership with Jim Halpert.

Ryan Howard

Angela has experienced no curiosity about going out of her way to communicate with Ryan, and neither features the guy. Both has a partnership that’s chilled or formal to one another, not paying attention to one another oftentimes.

Andy Bernard

Angela provides a significantly cold link to Andy. When she and Andy started initially to go out, it absolutely was revealed that Angela was basically cheating on Andy, though Andy ended up being simply also naive and covered up in impressing their bride to understand it. As he performed, he knew that Angela’s immoral conduct had been extremely terrible, and he broke up with the lady. After their breakup, both Angela and Andy had a normal office partnership and react a bit unpleasant around each other.

Kelly Kapoor

Angela is quite peeved by Kelly, but Kelly does not have shared attitude and is also completely great around the woman. Angela that is the exact opposite of bubbly Kelly are agitated in goods recollection, where whenever becoming considering a training on customer support after an unpleasant watermark try unintentionally published, Kelly begins to respond childish along with her positive behavior can be regarded as ridiculous for Angela. For the course of the day, Kelly helps make ideas for Angela to higher boost their Customer Service Skills, but Angela generally seems to feel like that is annoying and hostile, a great deal as to jeopardize Kelly under the woman breath that she’s going to feel fired as soon as Angela gets promoted after Dwight shows that he is getting Michael’s older work for the task.

Toby Flenderson

Angela has an ok commitment with Toby. She does not consult with him much, while he lives within the annex, but she did look for Toby for help when she had been interested in the anatomy a homosexual keeps for intercourse, as opposed to gonna someone else.

Waiting, exactly what? Why would reducing breakup rates be a negative thing?

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